Muck Duck – On The Spot EP [MNR002]

What’s up everybody? The folks here at Modern Nostalgia hope your Tuesday night is going peachy. If it isn’t, we have something for you that will cheer you right up! Modern Nostalgia is proud to release Muck Duck’s first EP, On The Spot. He’s been hard at work and he provides us with four tracks that’ll make your head bop and your feet dance. Large Pookerton said it best:

Well folks, the day is here. It’s the end of the first month in 2012, and if anything, this is going to be an epic year. Here to enforce that point is Muck Duck, coming in so hot (pun intended) with his On The Spot EP. This project has been long awaited and it’s finally here, so without further adieu, I present, On the Spot.

Thanks to all the loyal peeps that follow this great website, and keep spreading the word. We appreciate all the support and rest assured, we’ll have more goodies for you coming up over the next few months.

Download: Muck Duck – On The Spot EP (Bandcamp link)

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