Let me tell you a story…

As a young thirteen year old, I didn’t think that much of music. I didn’t look for some value that needed to be dug out of the Tomb of the Crystal Skull, and I was most certainly not Indiana Jones’s Asian sidekick. It was just music, and I had no problems with that. The Vans Warped Tour had come to town and a friend of mine invited me to go with him. I was in 7thgrade and the tour, boasting some of the most prominent acts in rock music, all travelling all across the country in a 50+ stampede of small towns and big towns alike, was nowhere on my radar. I decided anyway to spend the 40 dollars for entrance, and in the two weeks preceding the tour, I did my research. From First To Last, the lead singer being the amazing Sonny Moore, was the band that I was most excited to see, I was really starting to like their music. When we went to the show, we found the stage that From First To Last was playing on, and we camped out there until their set began at around 4:00 that afternoon, and then, when it came time for them to come on, they did so in flying colors. I was captivated at first sight. The raw energy, the emotion, the overall loudness was mentally stunning. I didn’t know how to react. I just stood there, in the third(ish) row, letting it all happen. I really felt connected to Sonny, even though he didn’t know I existed. That feeling of connectivity and togetherness that live music brings is unreal, and that, to me, is the epitome of music itself.

Fast forward to December 2010, as I sit in study hall, all alone, visiting random college music blogs on the internet, browsing through the underground music world of Soundcloud, when genius struck me like domestic violence. Why don’t I start my own music blog? I played around with names until I came up with Wet and Wyld Beatz. It was perfect. Completely and utterly perfect (for my tastes at the time). But I knew nothing about running a website, promotion, or even how to make a website. I figured a blog would be easiest, so I found out how to make one and I did so. I formatted the page to my liking in the simplest way available, and Wet and Wyld was born. My pseudonym for the site was Gary Bernstein, and he soon became the talk of the town in the halls of my high school. I was having so much fun spreading good music and getting my friends involved, but the most fun for me lied in talking to artists. The creators of the music I would then promote. I loved talking to artists, hearing their stories, why they made music, and really connecting with them. It made for better posts, which people liked a lot, and in turn, the artists liked a lot. People were happy, I was happy, and I was also having a great time.

The key to music, through my eyes, is connection. Connection through face to face interaction between artist and listener, connection through artist to promoter via the internet, it’s all the same when you’re speaking the universal language of music. Something I have learned over the years is that music is something that everyone understands; it brings people together. These qualities are what make music so near and dear to my heart, and these are the same qualities I apply to Modern Nostalgia. So take some time to listen to the cream of the crop in independent music, leave some feedback, and enjoy.

-Big Pookie

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