Behind These Eyes

Lucas Messore, guitarist, producer, and dj, writes electronic music under the name Behind These Eyes. Lucas started playing guitar at age 10 because of his interest in rock music. Only a few years later, he was introduced to his first computer music software. He spent all of his middle school years playing guitar and occasionally messing around on the computer. In high school, Lucas found out about jazz and became dedicated to practicing jazz guitar. Nevertheless, he continued playing in various rock bands (one of which was called “Behind These Eyes”). It wasn’t until Ultra Music Festival 2010 in Miami that he found out about dance music culture and heard dubstep for the first time. Feeling inspired, he started going to the computer more often to write music. Lucas is currently a freshman jazz major at Northwestern University. He remains musically confused as he loves jazz, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music to an equal degree. He is involved with the Northwestern WNUR radio show, Streetbeat, that specializes in live dj’ing of underrepresented electronic and hip-hop music. Lucas continues to improve his skills as a producer and is extremely focused on reaching new levels of musicianship and performance.


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